Hermaphrodite Frogs And Ken Cuccinelli
(Tadpoles or eggs? Can Ken decide?)

Excellent news for the same-sex community.
But bad news for other adults and their kids.
Thanks to the pioneering and oversexed Swiss,
There's now an herbicide that makes a bullfrog a "Swiss Miss".

Heidi and the girls now have frog competition
Bullfrogs can have babies, coming out where? They're not real bimbos.
Their young probably don't start out as tadpoles.
Most likely as eggs. But only the manufacturer, Syngenta, knows.

The EPA doesn't and couldn't care less.
Climate warming deniers are their big "Woo-Woo" mess.
But with atrazine in the midWest groundwater,
     they've got their hands full.
Who knew that the Swiss had all that much pull?

Unwanted abortions? Didn't they get the word?
Where is Ken Cuccinelli? Hasn't he given them the bird?
Were he in the midWest he'd be shutting them down
And atrazine farmers'd be wearing a hospital gown.

Will Cuccinelli produce tadpoles or will he lay eggs?
Can Syngenta modify atrazine to give him a choice?
But wait! That's not a solution that will make Cuccinelli happy.
The man is anti-pro-choice. So how'll he decide?
     How'll he rejoice?

Bob Carlson

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