Humpty Dumpty Here And Japan
(Ask where Mitch and the nuclear CEOs live.)

It's not just the risk. It will be the impact
If our nuclear plants keep showing their age.
Utilities claim they're at very low risk
From Inhofe's tornadoes, fires and floods at this stage.

Tell that to Joplin's homeless survivors.
It isn't the risk. It's a tornado's impact,
Like an earthquake's tsunami, a typhoon's tidal wave,
And nuclear nutjobs in charge refusing to act.

If Indian Point were a tornado's targetů
Can't happen? Take a close look at Wilbraham, Mass.
How big a tornado would let Indian Point
Make Fukushima feel out of its class?

Will we blame Mitch McConnell and his nuclear club
If one of our nuclear plants goes kerflooey?
Or maybe the media for its lack of attention?
Or will blame be too late after all of their hooey?

Who'll be Humpty Dumpty? New York or LA?
Is the "tornado alley" that remains a licensed RN?
Is that where all nuclear CEOs live
Who'll never get Humpty together again?

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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