Ideology And Dumb Punditry
(Tea Party Trouble)

Who feeds the GOP misinformation?
Who keeps them all so ill-informed?
Who tells them only what they want to hear?
How would they know that the world's being warmed?

At ExxonMobil mum still is the word.
And of course they haven't heard anything at all from Shell,
Who'll be extremely busy ducking reparations
Until some of their spills start freezing over in Hell.

Is that when the GOP will start dumping its pundits
And maybe wake up to reality?
Even ditch Rupert and his little foxes
To try to cure some of their bad data malady?

What does it take to be one of the GOP ignorami?
Money, misinformation and some dumb punditry?
How did they get to be what we're now using them for?
Are they who you'd look to to decide about going to war?

Bob Carlson

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