Idiocy Begins At The Top
At least for Israeli pirates and Transocean drillers

Israeli pirates and Transocean drillers
Receive their instructions from dumb higher-ups.
It doesn't matter if it's Bibi or BP.
Idiocy almost always corrupts.

It now is apparent the errors they made
And chaos that followed in both cases could
Have unintended lasting ramifications.
There's a lack of pronouncements of 'so far so good.'

Egypt's opened its border to all kinds of supplies.
Not only food but more rockets pour in –
Use cheaper casings and a hasty cement job –
MMS and UN: Let the parties begin.

For errant Israelis the Red Sea still beckons.
For Swiss-based Transocean? The Gulf not so much.
Who'd let a two year old drive a Toyota?
Or Bibi and BP go other than Dutch?

Bob Carlson

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