Imperturbable Trees
(What will climate change do to them?)

The web was predicting violent storms
Through pink shaded areas until about eight.
Much of the country was in for a pounding.
They claim that the climate has been changing of late.

Outside my window the sky's lightening up
Flashes follow so closely they light up the entire sky.
Big booming thunder accompanies the flashes
There's so much going on that I can't identify

Which flash caused which boom, yet the little forest of trees,
That I see from my window, takes it all in stride.
Have they been through this before, my imperturbable trees?
Where can they go to? Where can they hide?

Now they're at the mercy of Mother Nature and man.
No longer just who some of them think of as God,
Who over the years let them lose a limb or two?
That's to be expected. That's not that odd.

So I watch from my window marveling at the sight
Of imperturbable trees in the lightening's bright light.
Unflinching they handle this one with ease,
But will they always be able to, my trusting trees?

Bob Carlson

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