Inhofe's Bubonic Plague
(Triggered by the Inhofian Droughts)

Will the extreme weather that climate change brings about,
More mid-Western tornadoes and Inhofian Drought,
Trigger a recurrence of the bubonic plague
When bulbous tumors appear and his constituents gag?

Desert rats? Prarie dogs? All potential disease vectors...
Is God angry at Inhofe, the chief of climate change objectors?
Why would Inhofe try to destroy what God would create
Without expecting that God would retaliate

With a pox or a plague as a sign of his ire?
This plague is so lethal Inhofe won't get to retire,
And so contagious there won't be that much GOP left.
Environmentalists will feel so bereft.

One look at Inhofe and you'll quicly see
A man who's unhappy with his own mortality;
Or not happy at all.
But must he then condemn
His Okies and the world to the plague de la crème?

The GOP's sure to censor the media's first plague report
Fearing they'll lose their constituents' support
Of the climate deniers like Senator Inhofe,
Who is certain to be the first one the public will off.

Bob Carlson

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