Inhofe's Dangerous Exposure To God
(Genesis. Colorado beware.)

Grouch or Grinch, he's already doing it to us.
Does he have a special connection to God?
Or is Genesis all that he has to go by.
If God was the author, was the translator slipshod?
Or does Inhofe consider himself the translator?
Then why does he persist in undoing The Creator?

The Southern Company's CO2 generator
Was a long time a-coming, but is some devastator.
Doesn't Inhofe recognize this, or is he getting senile?
He has been in the Senate for some little while.
Jn his late seventies, it may be time to go
While Oklahoma still sees some occasional snow.

Genesis mentions arks, but is mum about levees
So we know which side of flood control the Senator sees.
Oklahoma would be well advised to recall
Inhofe before he starts blowing them up and drowning us all.

Bob Carlson

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