Inhofe, Humble Or Arrogant?
(Genesis: arks vs. levees.)

Is Senator Inhofe really so humble that
He's taking no credit at all for making us warmer?
If he were from Georgia, we'd think he's on the take.
Southern Company's Georgia Power's the top CO2 performer.

It is the dirtiest and would make Inhofe so proud.
Southern Company's a leader in the pollution crowd,
Owning the dirtiest power plant in the nation.
Who believes God had this in mind at The Creation?

How about the Oil Mafia? Can they be all that happy?
Now that we're warmer we'll need less oil and gas.
What's Dirty Coal doing to supply and demand?
How has something like this come to pass?

Can't Inhofe speed up the closing of Southern's coal burning plants?
Can't he get Rand Paul working on it with some of his rants?
Not only is Kentucky a bit farther south,
But Rand can rant out of both sides of his mouth.

And Paul's not been in the Senate as long as Inhofe
And may not believe Congress should do anything God hasn't ordained.
Can Paul restrain Inhofe from blowing up "arrogant" levees
And forgetting what has happened a few times it has rained?

Bob Carlson

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