Is Congress Worried?
(About getting paid?)

Why pay the Congress for shutting government down,
Putting themselves out of work with the mess that they've made?
Why in the world would we want clowns like that back,
When they have obviously not made the grade?

If all they could do was get the government closed,
It's our duty as voters to see that they get hosed.
Make note of all those who insisted on closing
To make sure when you're voting that they get the hosing.

Boehner, tearful as always at the thought he could lose
His job as Speaker if he didn't please Cruz,
And Teddy of course for stirring the pot,
Who should be very thankful he doesn't work for Trent Lott.

Marsha Blackburn when queried regarding her pay
For shutting us down had next to nothing to say,
Except for how much her grandchildren would owe.
Is that what's on the mind of each crony capitalist ho?

Bob Carlson

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