Is Obama Pleading The Fifth?
(No questions please)

"I have not made a decision. I can't decide."
His problem is that he is fit to be tied.
KXL pipeline? A Syrian bomb?
Enough of them so someone is greasing his palm?

"Someone says this and then someone says that.
And I can't figure out where the heck I am at.
'Indecision' is becoming my middle name.
Who'll spin the spinner? roll the dice? advance the game?

"One move at a time. Who's in a rush?"
He's jn his glory when he has time to gush.
Who is his equal at long dissertations
And ignoring demands for fewer procrastinations?

"Whose bright idea was it? This having a choice.
Why should we be letting everyone have a voice?
Give me one hundred percent NSA surveillance
And J. Edgar Hoover in charge of U.N. Defense.

"Maybe. I might. There is a chance that I possibly could.
Someday? Perhaps? If the mood hits me and I knock on wood.
Never, please, never, try pinning me down.
I'm far more proficient at just hedging aroun'."

Saudis, how sure can you be that we'll fight your proxy wars?
Canadians, that we'll transport bitumen to far distant shores?
Look who's in charge: Mr. I-Can't-Decide,
First cousin to Mr. How-can-anything-be-that-cut-and-dried?

Bob Carlson

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