Is Verizon Reenacting Ma Bell's Demise?
(Trying to break the web)

What killed Ma Bell could kill Verizon, as perhaps it should.
Discriminatory service increases that likrlihood.
Controlling what we see, and must pay, as well as how fast,
Means the "net neutrality" the web was designed for can't last.

Who'll bother with Verizon, or FIOS, or their latest technique
When there's so much competition that we'll all seek?
Will all ISP's band together forming a newer Ma Bell?
Watch Anti-Trust nail them and blow them to Hell.

Are they prepared for a brand new divestiture?
Are they prpared for the next Judge Harold Greene.
Do Verizon's executivex and their lawyer Helgi Walker believe
They can pull such a stunt without millions on Twitter and Facebook
    creating a scene and venting their spleen?

Bob Carlson

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