Isn't That A Laugh?
Israeli team players

Their settlement expansion plan
    timing was exquisite,
Coinciding, as it did,
    with Mr. Biden's visit.

With friends like the Israelis,
    who needs enemies?
To get them off the West Bank?
    Perhaps some dread disease

To take their egos down a peg
    so they won't thumb their noses
At Biden's overtures and think
    they'll always come up roses.

It's not our guarantees they want.
    As usual it's our money.
So what if it's foreclosures here
    if over there it's milk and honey?

They'll find their anti-Semitism
    cries won't fetch the dog a bone.
The cupboard's bare enough to let
    the pit bulls forage on their own.

What are they contributing?
    As allies, not a thing.
They can't even come to bat,
    much less take a swing.

Team players? Isn't that a laugh?
    Why keep them on our side?
What's their reaction to our help?
    What's the Yiddish word for snide?

How worried are the squatters?
    How much do they want peace?
Rent controlled? No vacancies?
    Who'll start the bidding on the lease?

Bob Carlson

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