It Tastes Funny?
(Like Monsanto)

The whites of their eyes reflect the surprise
    they encountered in drinking their milk.
The FDA approved
    but those eyes haven't moved.
Monsanto's GMOs are taking their toll,

Factory produced seed that the world doesn't need
    aided and abetted by Monsanto's greed.
We'd take a poll,
    but where there was an eyeball
There's nothing now but a hole.

With some milk drinkers that doesn't matter,
    like for instance the United States Congress.
As long as the hole remains round.
They can't tell their butts
    from a hole in the ground.

You have discovered that your milk's tasting funny?
Maybe Monsanto's focus on money
    is imparting a peculiar taste?
CEO Grant, of Roundup renown,
    won't let unsold merchandise go to waste.

Or can his GMO seed have crossed themelves with a weed
    that carries the taste of Roundup in its genes?
That's a tough trait to remove
    so the FDA will approve
When 20% of milk drinkers will be losing their sight.

"What's a mere 20%?", Monsanto retorts.
    "The world's heating up per most reports
But Congress doesn't think so
    so Monsanto can can tell those with no sight
That they have simply lengthened the night."

Copyright © 12/21/13
Bob Carlson

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