Itching And Scratching
(As the Earth warms, thank God for

Itch a little bit.. Scratch a little bit... Itch a little bit more.
With wet warmer weatber much more itching's in store.
G.O.P. climate deniers think nobody knows
But covered with welts, it shows, Inhofe. It shows.

If the cycles were nature's, we'd have a record
And be able to predict how long this itching will last.
It isn't. We don't. And it could be a while,
Until well after itching and scatching have become the in-style.

"Stop the car please, dear. I'm going to need help with this scratch
I am so thankful that we somehow connected on match.
The teeth on the No. 2 Scratcher should do my shoulder blades.
Bless you for suggesting we get three or four grades."

Mosquitos or heat rash? It's been a hot summer,
But summers last longer and this one's no humdrummer.
Still how'll Senators notice? They've been airconditioned for years.
Why else run for Congress if they can't they tell jeers from cheers?

Are they paid extra to do it? On Exxon's secret payroll?
And they haven't an inkling where to drill the next hole?
But when executives like Tillerson start to seiously itch,
There's no question to whom they should immediaately bitch.

Bob Carlson

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