Joe Lieberman's Alphabet Soup
Who voted for this guy?

Undie bombers study hard to learn
    the letters in Joe's soup.
Harder than the CIA has –
    "Who did Joe say's in the loop?"

What kind of soup did Lieberman think
    terrorists fear most of all?
Alphabet, made up of agencies
    still reluctant to play ball?

For no one's taught the CIA
    to play that well with others;
Not even with the other spooks
    we think are their blood brothers.

They're afraid the FBI
    or NSA will hog the glory
If they goofed and passed along
    an undie bomber'e daddy's story.

Would they rather keep a secret
    and let airline travelers die
Or be blown apart themselves
    by guys they can't identify?

Perhaps the Taliban can do
    what presidents don't dare –
Relegate the CIA
    to scrutinizing underwear.

Bob Carlson

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