Jokers In Congress
(Perpetrating the "hoax:)

Is Firefox censoring climate change information,
Discouraging access to climate scientist blogs?
Are they bowing to pressure from climate deniers?
Are they funded by Exxon to live high on the hog?

Will their hog be high enough so that rising seas
Don't decimate climate deniers like Barton and Inhofe
Anthropomorphically in much the same way
That we're currently killing U.S. honey bees?

Deny science and paleoclimate reconstruction for the last millennium -
Deny the "hockey stick" that depicts humans heating the earth up -
When push comes to shove and they see the results,
Who will cry in amazement, "What's up? What the hell's up?"

Then all of the warnings that Senator Inhofe
Has decried to the Senate as a huge science "hoax"
Will reveal to the world that Inhofe and Barton
And fellow deniers are the blokes who're the jokes.

Who'd be pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong?
Not Big Oil's execs who dumped all their shares for a song,
While assuring New York, New Yorkers of no flooding or drought
While instructing their families to get the hell out?

Bob Carlson

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