Kamikaze Tea Partiers
(And their rich "One Percent")

Too young to have been there and witnessed the horror,
Tea Party "patriots" and ideologues,
Like Kamikaze pilots, are puppets of destruction
Under the control of a few well-off demagogues.

Shut down the government because the Kochs told Cruz to,
Along with Tom Cotton, Rand Paul and Mike Lee?
Then all sit back and relax and not take the blame
Unaware Marco Rubio spilled Roundup in their Tea Party Tea?

Trust a Floridian-Cuban who is making sink holes?
Will it be tunnelling Cubans or rising seas?
Florida's had it, like the Republican Party.
Geography and BP is doing in most of the South's Kamikazes.

How many are with them for a government shutdown?
The rich "One Percent" who can skip a payday?
Will they commit treason with the Kamikaze G.O.P.?
Line them up for the gallows and see what they say

As the floor drops from under them and each drops in turn?
For how many tax shelters and tax breaks will they yearn?
Ninety-nine percent of the country's a lot
For the rich "One Percent" to expect we'll give them all that we've got.

Bob Carlson

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