Ken Cuccinelli's Sodomy Hang-uo
(In the past?)

Sodomy? One of the last things to have crossed my mind
As I doubt that it probably had ever done.
Not a topic that's broached in everyday conversation,
Unless Ken Cuccinelli brings it up. Then it's Number One.

Why's he so fascinated? Was it done to him?
Or was he asked to do it sometime in the past?
Why has it become such an obsession with Ken?
Was the act telecast?

Why does it get Cuccinelli so excited?
Is there a chance that he'll be on YouTube?
An Anthony Weiner who was caught in the act?
A young country hick? Not a religious rube?

Yes, some know what the bible has warned them about
Yet with all his hoop-la he's getting young people to try it.
But as an elected official and the attorney general
Is he their choice to promote and personally personify it?

Bob Carlson

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