Obama's Gulf War –
Kicking Ass
Pretending that the choice is ours

Obama is asking whose ass he should kick?
It could be the ass he should kick is his own.

He must be an un-reformed Drill Baby Driller
To not hear our nearly unanimous moan
Upon reading the news that he plans to allow
Firms to resume drilling who are accident prone.

He can't think that crews like BP's plan to change.
Like Netanyahu's they're a bloodthirsty lot.
They'll never comply with prescribed regulations.
Who's going to punish them? You think they'll get caught?

Fines are negotiable if your attorneys
Know the right judges and you don't give a damn
How much of the world still despises and hates you.
So what if your world's a continual scam?

So who should kick ass? Bibi, Bobby or Barack?
Fewer Arabs? Or shrimpers? Or horse's ass plans?
Instead let's ignore all their damn politicking
And do what we can for the brown pelicans.

Bob Carlson

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