Lazy, Indolent and Useless Like Cantor
(More sleep to get more acccomplished?)

Why do we need them. They're indolent and lazy.
They're happiest of all when they're doing nil.
Heaven forbid they should get off their duffs
And make any efforts at passing a bill.

How foolish of voters to think that's what they're there for
How many have brought their wives with them to enjoy D.C.?
Single women abound running our federal government.
It's a bachelors paradise they don't want "Mommy" to see.

They keep working women out late just to gum up the works.
But why do women go out with Carter-like jerks?
To replace stay-at-home mommies in the middle of nowhere
While their Republican husbands in D.C. forget that they're there?

It's a vicious cycle that needs to be stopped.
But can it be as long as GOP husbands can be bunny-hopped
By D.C.'s young ladies out for a good time,
To whom stealing a wayward husband's no crime.

Nor can it be as long as D.C.'s young ladies enjoy bunny-hopping
Republican husbands who feel free to prowl.
Doing nothing all day, instead of legislating,
They can stay out to all hours playing night owl...

Until NASA clamps down and starts reporting home,
Then we'll see how many Cantors continue to roam.
Hell's going to break loose when Mommy starts getting word
Of a couple of nights on the town. Well, surely a third.

Bob Carlson

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