Limit NSA Spying To "Local Yahoos"
(Are the Kochs permitted to euthanize our allies?)

Tell NSA to only spy on Americans the Kochs suspect are "unfit",
Defective, "feebleminded", the dregs of society
     and barely worth spit.
The underclasses that Rand Paul and their eugenicists say
Are lazy and shiftless and can't pay their own way.

Don't tax the wealthy and "best" like Charley and Dave
To support the indigent. Think of the millions they'll save.
Segregate them, restrict them, don't let them marry to procreate.
Protect the top one percent who can pull their own weight.

Replace Keith Alexander with someone like Cruz.
Foreign born, he won't spy on our allies, only "local yahoos."
What better reason for keeping immigrants out,
If at screwing government up, they're all that devout?

Bob Carlson

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