Living Under The Gun
(Is it worth it?)

Israel has defiled "its" River Jordan,
Diverting it for exclusive Settler hoardin',
Leaving a trickle of sewage to go where? God only knows...
Except there's no way that stuff smells like a rose.

Like the reputation of a drug-using Yank,
Who's "above the law" like Settlers on the West Bank.
They kill Palestinians whenever they want,
After seizing their land and water,
    leaving them starving, and thirsty, and gaunt.

Barbed wire surrounds springs. They're strictly for Settlers,
To fill Settler swimming pools and keep their parks green
With barely a drop for the poor Palestinians.
It's a Settler practice that's plainly obscene.

Who'd A-rod think he was? Has he a Settler connection?
Will he, too, require around the clock protection?
Did he also imagine that he's above the law?
Exposed at third base, it won't have been a factor
    that the late A-Rod was quick on the draw.

Bob Carlson

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