Marco Rubio's Minions
(Tea Party recruits and new Koch employees?)

Are Marco Rubio's Minions creating the sink holes?
Tunneling under the Straits to escape?
Leasving the warm sunny climes of Fidel Castro's Cuba?
Popping up all over Florida's landscape?

Could be Marco's solution to the immigrant problem.
Flood the country with Cubans to get Congress to act.
Cruz importing Mexicans to frack oil in Texas
Is a start but has not had sufficient impact.

Rubio's hoping when Cruz sees his countrymen
Burrowing their way into Floridian groves
He'll switch his allegiance to the Cuban influx
Along with the their Tea Party Enfants Terrible,
     and maybe Karl Rove's.

If his Cubans prove more trainable than the Cruz Mexicanos,
Perhaps the Koch brothers will hire the while lot.
Cheaper labor has always been their main motivation
How many ex-public employees has Scott Walker got?

Bob Carlson

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