McCain: Arms For al Qaeda
(It's our moral duty)

The rebels need weapons. So what if they're al Qaeda.
They didn't make the nine eleven pilot mistakes.
Neither crash was intentional. That's what they assured me.
They'd never seen buildings that high. They thought they were fakes

Made of papier mâché that they thought they could fly through
Or perhaps the rumored huge celebratory balloons
Christians love to parade with sometime in the Springtime.
Had they somehow confused their Septembers and Junes?

If they win against Assad, they've promised to play nice
With myself and my special pal, Lindsey Graham
On the condition we defund Obamacare
And can shutdown our government with some sort of a scam.

So, how about it Obama? It's your moral duty
To react to Assad's gassing of women and kids.
Let's get a move on and respond to their offer
Before Putin hears about it and revises his bids.

Bob Carlson

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