Meet Mr. Pacu
(He's loving your warmer water. Thank you, Senator Inhofe.)

So the odd's in your favor, but are you willing to chance it?
Will Anthony Weiner let Mr. Pacu nibble his junk?
Give him a go, Anthony, at your weiner on YouTube.
Resurrect your campaign. Give him a hunk.

In Brazil where he's native, he's known as the "ball cutter",
A dirty fighter of a fish who bites below the belt.
An unpleasant experience, we're guessing. We really don't know.
Few survivors are willing to advertise how they felt.

Mr. Pacu scares anti-gays in the Congress.
How'll their lady react when he wants to meet her?
"Hello, I'm Mr. Pacu from the Amazon jungle.
I love it here in Congress. I'm a testicle eater..."

It's not a practice we'd expect would catch on.
One quick little bite, and, presto, it's gone.
But if there was ever a place with an overabundance of balls,
They should look no further. It's their congressional halls.

Illinois seems to be where Obama is building up his stock
To intimidate Republicans who claim to be anti-gays.
Distributed to swimming pools in the Washington area,
It may turn out to be one of his most effective ways.

Bob Carlson

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