Migrating Trees
(Southern scents sent north. Voluntarily?)

My trees seem imperturbable, steadfast and strong.
But can they take the heat? Will they be here that long?
Are they being replaced by more southern species
Seeing as how like most trees they are he/shes,

Decisions to move depend on where their seeds will take hold.
Not parental likes and dislikes. They are climate controlled.
Southern scented magnolias are now moving north,
With hurricanes moving their seeds and so forth.

The tropics replace them with insects and such;
Plus smothering jungle vines are proving too much.
Elm trees mostly gone. Will ash, oak and maple be next?
Are my eighty foot locusts looking for a pretext?

Will there be enough left of them to hold each other up?
Who claims hurricanes are tempests in a teacup?
All this because Congress can't get its act together.
Some still claim climate change is a quirk in the weather.

Bob Carlson

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