Mommy Wisdom
(Not in your mouth unless you know where it's been...)

"Mommy Wisdom" has protected the health of mankind so far
Until endangered by Monsanto advertising and P.R.
"Not in your mouth unless you know where it's been"
Has saved many a child from being done in.

Yet Monsanto's mantra keeps our moms in the dark.
Who'd be here now if "No Labels" was pitched to Noan's Ark?
Man's best friend, the dog, eating mislabeled dog food laced with catnip?
What burglar's afraid of a meowing dog nip?

Baby shows won't be won by a GMO tumor riddled young 'un.
Or be included in photo ops on Air Force One.
Don't expect Monsanto's Annual Report to be likely to feature
A full color spread of such an unfortunate creature,

Copyright © 1/11/14
Bob Carlson

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