Nestle's Eugenics
(Backfire on the Kochs?)

Who gave Nestle carte blanche to decide
Who'll have water to drink vs. who won't?
Who is able to stop them as they commit genocide?
Who's strong enough to make sure that they don't?

The economics of their financial plan
Are an integral part of the KOCH brothers eugenics:
Steal from the poor and sell at a hefty profit
Only to those who good fortune handpicks.

Woe be to those who can't afford a bottle?
Or woe be to any and all who can,
Who the FDA won't warn what's in the plastic,
That Bisphanol A it's their duty to ban.

BPA has been banned from baby bottles,
But not by our United States FDA.
Are Nestle's Swiss francs and USA dollars
So influential that Nestle's cheaper bottles are rated OK

For those being poisoned by BPA in their plastic
Not the millions of poor whose water comes from the tap?
Perhaps Democrate shouldn't complain about the EPA's inaction
But be hopeful it's just that they don't give a crap.

Bob Carlson

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