Nestle Bottled What?
(You'd Drink That?)

When you think of crystal clear water to drink,
What source immediately comes to your mind?
Does the Arkansas River sound real refreshing
Or Pakistan springs and streams Nestle's been able to find

And bottle in plastic for foreign consumption,
Assuming they won't mind the lingering taste
Of Pakistani excrement and their dissidents' blood,
Nestle being reluctant to let stuff go to waste?

What will discourage consumption they can't easly screen?
Easter egg coloring of a non-poisonous but bilious green
That Nestle will find damn near impossible to filter
Without throwing their business plan way out of kilter?

Buy low and sell high. Raw material prices? You joke.
Processing costs aren't like those for Pepsi and Coke
No harmful additives to help you gain weight.
Only what should have come out that they fail to filtrate.

Copyright © 11/22/13
Bob Carlson

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