New Crayolas For Obama?
(Bushie used up the pastels)

'Twas an incomplete box of Crayola Crayons
Left behind in a bureau in Bushie's old bathroom
That Barack Obama had stumbled upon
When concocting the speech that is triggering Syria's doom.

Preparing for his subsequent masterpiece, "POTUS On John",
In oil, Bushie had used up all the pastels.
So Obama was limited to more vivid colors
When drawing lines for Bashar's robot drone Hells.

If only the line Assad crossed hadn't been red,
If only it had been a much softer pink,
Would negotiation perhaps have been possible,
As some political pundits now think?

Is it too late for Obama to alter the hue?
(Can you contribute three dollars? Can he count on you?)
So the line Assad crossed is no longer red?
So it matches Bushie's pallor from whence he led?

Bob Carlson

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