Not So Sound Science
(Who's more to blame? Gingrich or Singer?)

Gingrich wanted to train key members of Congress as scientists.
But if that's what they wanted, wouldn't they have been one
Instead of politicians like we thought we elected?
How many scientists did we voters vote for? Virtually none.

So why did they try to talk 'science' as if that's what they were
When we knew we had voted for ideologues,
Hoping, if need be, they'd be persuaded
By those who were real experts, not just lobbying dogs?

Lobbyists being paid for their prostituted opinions
That have led to the chaos of the partisanship we have,
With a third party, the extremist, crazy Tea Baggers,
Who we're seeing the old-line Republicans calve

With the bawling and mooing that little calves do
While their Mommies and Daddies cry a little bit too.
For McConnell and Boehner this is all something new.
Imagine what it must be like, not having a clue.

Singer lost his credibility when he sold himself as an all-purpose expert
To those who could come up with the requisite cash:
An 'expert' at smoking, of acid rain, and of ozone...
And the expected longevity of the KXL pipeline, before it leaks?
    Is S. Fred Singer that senile and rash?

Bob Carlson

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