NRC's Nuclear Follies
(Accidents waiting to happen)

What makes you think we're any better prepared
Than the Japanese were, are, or ever will be?
If our guys thought they knew what TEPCO should do,
Don't you think they'd have said build away from the sea?

But they didn't and don't and most probably won't
As Jaczko and his NRC continue their gambles
With millions of lives by extending the permits
Of old nuclear plants one step from a shambles.

Whatever it takes to appease those corporations
Making millions while being allowed to defer
Critical maintenance and/or substantial rebuilding

Before a nuclear tragedy here can occur.

How many of these outfits could ever afford
To pay for the cleanup when something goes wrong?
These old plants are just accidents waiting to happen –
Think BP incompetence NRC helps prolong.

What's Jaczko thinking? Does he not give a damn?
Whose campaign contributions is he helping to fund?
Japan is befuddled. Merkel's calling it quits.
The U.S. with Jaczko in charge? Moribund!!!

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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