Nuclear Blame Games
(According to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission)

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Is way too cozy with those it polices.
Maybe ninety percent of what's going on
Inside a plant could be going to pieces,

Like broken devices that leak radiation,
And guess who could claim that they hadn't a clue?
That it was something that they didn't bother with
And would not have detected until after it blew.

We worry about faulty blowout preventers
That regulators know aren't up to the job
Of preventing a repeat of the BP disaster.
They're the dopes we should blame, Not the guy twisting a knob.

Them and the nutjobs who continue to let them
Issue permits to drill where they most likely won't work.
Those are the folks who should be on the drill platform
When the deep water pressures start going berserk.

And where will the Nuclear Regulatory
Commission be when a USA core overreacts?
In Washington, DC assuring the Congress
That it wasn't their fault the reactor had cracks.

That it was G.E.'s responsiblilty
To come up with a unit that could contain it.
And then be extra careful who they sold it to –
Not to some nutjobs who'd forget to maintain it.

G.E.'s stuff's cheaper, but is it as safe?
Its own engineers quit. They didn't think so.
You say we should ask the commission's opinion?
Why would we assume that they'd want to know?

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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