Obama's Favorites
(Atrazine or Roundup? Geithner or Summers)

Which herbicide in your groundwater is worse?
Which Obama agencys' logos should be a hearse?
Which decline to enforce their own safety rules?
To which has Obama appointed more fools?

What's wrong with Obama's ability to select?
He ends up with cretins like Geithner and Summers
He's the kind of a sucker that Las Vegas welcomes.
Talk about doubling down on your bummers...

Monsanto and Syngenta are gargantuan labs,
Conjuring up more and more deadly concoctions.
That will cover the world's population with tumors
And grow them faster and cheaper and sell them at auctions.

Slice them and dice them and package them as
Roundup and Atrazine EPA fries.
How many can be downed at a ball game or one sitting
Before one's carried out on a stretcher and dies.

In the womb, at a ball game or in your own home,
Munchers and drinkers are dropping like flies,
Creating more jobs for butchers, morticians, and surgeons.
Obama's deficit reducer: Roundup and Atrazine EPA fries.

Bob Carlson

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