Obama: Not Just A Pinprick
(We have mouths to feed and itches to scatch)

We don't do little pinpricks. That's not our style.
When we go to war, we're at it a while.
Don't look for half measures. We go at it whole hog.
We are accustomed to being top dog.

Sure, we use drones. Why waste our manpower.
When our military-industrial complex needs ev'ry war we can find
To keep their plants and their stockholders humming,
And not complaining when CEOs are paid millions; so no one will mind.

How else can we keep so much top brass employed?
Admirals and Generals are happy. They're overjoyed
Whenever a tin pot despot needs to be taken down,
When a new assignment lets them paint a new town.

Need a change of pace? Been married that long?
There'll be plenty of locals. How can they go weong?
Unless one starts getting jealous and begins to bitch?
Quick, find a new war for that seven-year itch.

Bob Carlson

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