Obama Tries To Sell Our Coal
(316 million tons at a 1 buyer "auction">)

Who gets Obama's thumbs up to change the world's climate?
The millions of drivers who burn coal in their cars?
Nonsense! Who do you know who drives a car that does that?
Maybe an alien like Senator Cruz, on loan to Texas from the planet Mars?

How many homes do you know of that still heat with coal.
These aren't the palms he is trying to grease.
Putting all of that carbon in the atmosphere?
Is it our grand children or his that he's trying to fleece?

Which corporations in our country plan to burn up that much?
All our utilities are trying to cut back.
What does Wyoming's Black Thunder coal mine contain
That mines in the Appalacians apparently lack?

Over five hundred million tons of CO2?
That could otherwise sit there and not harm a soul?
That's obviously not what's on Obama's mind.
The idiot's anxious to heat us all up with coal.

We're thinking, we're thinking, about what to do
To Obama for marketing so much CO2.
Next year for certain he gets no birthday card,
And if he comes by, kick him out of your yard.

Will we be lucky and find he has no buyers?
Not his supposed opponents, the climate deniers?
It doesn't matter. His intentions were bad.
     Still no birthday card,
And be sure that you kick him the hell out of your yard.

Bob Carlson

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