Oh, No, Not Bibi Again
(Still looking for handouts)

Netanyahu still thinks all Americans care,
But, truth be told, an awful lot of us don't.
He refuses to take back his renegade squatters
While assuming we'll still support him. We won't.

He comes at a time when money's still tight
Too soon after Bush escalated the ruckus,
Cutting too many taxes, starting too many wars –
Too soon after the size of the deficit struck us.

Being pouty and petulant won't work for Bibi
Anymore than rejecting what Barack has to say.
He must move his squatters back to their old borders,
Something he's starting to learn the hard way.

Bibi's treasured his years as their building super.
For once in his life he has had lots of friends.
But without Obama as their absentee landlord,
He'll find that even the best of times ends.

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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