Oh, No!
(No chapeau...)

Ornithologists classify them as swooper-dupers.
Kitties being attacked are not that ecstatic.
Swooped upon by a bird of prey in your own back yard
Can be fatal at worst and is always traumatic.

Where's the samaritan who had come to his rescue
Who thought she'd saved kitty from euthanasia?
Not where she was needed when kitty was swooped on.
Perhaps on vacation in aoutheastern Asia?

Might as well have been for all the good she did kitty
Euthanasia at least would have left kitty his ears
And not been nearly as painful to kitty,
Or resulted in nearly as many belated tears.

Yes, there is a moral: when you rescue a cat
Don't be a piker. Buy the kitty a hat.

Copyright © 12/22/13
Bob Carlson

In lovong memory of Max
Long live Porter