Oklahoma's Most Prosperous Prostitute
(Thanks to Exxon's Tillerson)

Jim Inhofe represents Oklahoma's elite
In a state where everyone's an oil millionaire,
Where all easily afford huge gas-guzzling SUVs.
If it weren't for the climate, don't you wish you were there?

Just be thankful if your status is currently 'ex',
That Oklahoma's a state you were from that your employer rejects.
For frankly their Jimbo's not helping their cause,
Desperately fighting and losing his man-made climate wars.

Rex Tillerson of Exxon keeps feeding Jim cash.
By now he must have acquired a remarkable stash,
With not much to show for it but a few papers from Singer
None of which could be classified as a sound science humdinger.

Freddy's way past his prime at about 89
After losing his tobacco smoke wars and claims acid rain's fine,
And don't forget his defence of aerosol caused holes in the ozone,
Or of what Monsanto has done to Li'l Abner's corn-pone.

Can Inhofe fill the gap that Fred Singer's lousy science has left?
At least Oklahomans won't be feeling all that bereft.
They never really had Jim Inhofe's undivided attention.
But then that never has been Rex Tillerson's published intention.

Bob Carlson

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