One-sided Crony Capitalism
(Democrats capitalized on Obamacare stocks; most Republicans didn't)

What happened to GOP Congressmen's brokers?
Why didn't they help them trade in Obamacare stocks?
If they had done so, they'd have made millions like Kerry,
And we wouldn't be hearing all these Tea Bagger squawks.

Forty two times, and counting, they've tried to defund
Obamacare, but newly rich Democrats all stand fast.
Baby needs shoes and Mama more ball gowns.
Guess how long this impasse is likely to last.

Why do we have such an aged Congress?
With "crony capitalism" they hang onto their jobs.
Very few of these guys ever had it so good.
They live in a style that surpasses the mobs'.

Not only that but it seems to be legal?
Sponsor a bill and bet on its success?
That's Insider Trading with a capital "I".
"I can't go wrong. Here comes Mama's new dress,

"And shoes for some sweet young luscious babes on the side.
The public sees Jekyll, but the money's in Hyde."

Bob Carlson

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