Only One Percent For Tea?
(Not much of a party...)

The Tea Party's concerns are nothing new.
All for their top one percent, Nothing for you.
An ideokogy that dates back to the bubonic plague:
Aristocrats safe out of town. Everyone else? Holding the bag,

The Black Death was unseemly for that era's elite.
Keep them far, far away from the city street.
Get them out to the country till the poor had died down.
Without Obamacare they'd end up with a much smaller town.

So we'll watch them try to re-enact that earlier day
With global warming a rather dubious play
It probably can't do what the London plague did
And be as selective. How can it honor the highest bid?

Being an aristocrat in the top one percent
Won't save your butt from the increasing heat.
How'll Cruz keep your tea iced? You think you'll still want it hot?
But no way wil you be happy when you can't refrigerate meat.

Bob Carlson

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