Outsourcing The Congress
(And attacking the Emma problem)

Let's outsource the Congress and get something done.
With a new cast of characters, someone will have won.
The Permanent Political Class will be gone.
There must be people somewhere we could call upon

Who'd be far more efficient and who would speak
Languages lobbyists here have never learned.
Put them right out of business...
The tide will have turned.
Being paid to do nothing won't still be in style.
Who had no expectations when they walked down the aisle?

We know the moon is still out there although at times we can't see it.
If politicians' friends and relations can't steal fortunes, so be it.
Poor when they're elected; rich when they depart,
Nepotism in D.C. has become an art,

ALEC holds courses and seminars on how to enrich
Corporate buddies and family members.
But if given in India's Indian or Chinese dialects,
Who in the U.S. of A. remembers?

Outsourcing the Congress might also solve the dilemma,
Who wrote the bill that pays thousands to Emma?
And whose Emma?

Copyright © 12/6/13
Bob Carlson

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