Paul Ryan Privatizes Radiation Insurance
(With the help of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission)

Paul Ryan has given his Think Tanks the willies,
Leading pundits to think that the Heritage blew it.
Unfortunately they've not yet seen the addenda
That Ryan will soon be attaching to it.

Paul's Plan is to sell Radiation Insurance,
But how'll he convince rich folks that's what they need?
Here's where the NRC's bad reputation
Will help to make sure Ryans scam will succeed.

Former arsonist Issa's committee will show
Just how contentious it's planning to be
By disclosing that cozy relations exist
Between the plant owners and our NRC.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Not only has been notoriously lax,
But the public will panic, as well it should,
And demand Paul's insurance upon learning the facts.

But when he markets the stuff to private insurers
And the first couple of nuclear plants start to leak,
The losses the Aetnas and Bue Crosses suffer
Will establish Paul's fame as "that damn baby geek".

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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