Petcoke Is Petkoch
(Petroleum coke's cheaper and even dirtier then coal)

Make the Kochs and BP pile their petkoch in Oklahoma
Where Inhofe can enjoy its lung clogging dust.
For deniers of man-made fossil fuel pollution,
Acres and tons of the Koch's petkoch dust are a must.

How many Btus do the Koch Brothers claim
When they market their petkoch without an ounce of shame
For how dirty and dangerous a pollutant it is
To consumers unaware they're being given the 'biz'?

Priced lower than coal, yet not as good a buy,
The Kochs have not lowered the price of their petkoch enough.
They're not admitting that soon they'll be anxious to give it away.
They'll have run out of places where they can pile the damn stuff.

Detroit, and soon Chicago, will no longer let them store it.
Anyone who lives near where they pile it will quickly abhor it.
It's another Koch Brothers get-rich-quick scheme we need to forestall.
If Inhofe can't take it, let's see if the Kochs really do "want it all."

Bob Carlson

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