Planning On Retaliation
(By sequestering)

Capture by drone? Absurd! Don't count to ten.
But unless tried and convicted by the U.N.
Rest assured that Assad will still gas and oppress
While Graham and McCain are insisting on total success.

But by backing Obama on Assad's assassination,
The G.O.P. may accomplish what they've failed at heretofore:
Obamacare and its warrior namesake
Are expected to become victims of the Syrian War.

For if the first salvo misses, if Assad's still alive,
What are the odds that he'll retaliate?
And with sequestered funds depleting the Secret Service
Who will be easier to assassinate?

So why are the looneys in the Tea Party ranks
Calling for a shutdown of the country's big banks.
Just keep their nemesis deprived of his normal protection
Without alienating the public's affection.

Bob Carlson

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