Pocket Size Teddys For Halloween
(Still very scary leftovers)

Whose corporate pockets is Teddy Cruz in?
Luckily for him his size seems to fit all,
One after another, or all together at once.
Sadly it comes with a knack for driving folks up a wall.

The fit's not always successful though he shutdown the government.
Not that it was getting that much done anyhow.
Congress has been at a virtual standstill,
Apparently due to a bumbling Republican vow

That's how they will certainly all be remembered,
The "Do-Nothing Congress" Obama inspired
Thanks to Ginni Thomas's court, one side of the aisle
And a block of overpaid CEOs have become hardwired.

But Ted's in so many pockets it's scary
And some of the CEOs are becoming wary.
Destroying the government wasn't on their menu.
Now they're questioning how that nut-job usurped the venue.

He's out of control so how'll they put him down?
Can Koch eugenicists take out the self-proclaimed "big man in town"?
Is there an IQ test they can whip up or "find"
That will declare that the Honorable Senator Teddy
Has inherited a dangerously warped and "feeble-mind"?

Bob Carlson

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