Presidential Boondoggles
(..., Bushie, Obama, ...)

Bushie was "sure" when he attacked Iraq
That Saddam was preparing to use WMDs.
Obama was "sure" his Obamacare system was ready to launch
Wiithout having dotted his "i"s and crossed all his "t"s.

But once again he picked the wrong people,
Faiied to monitor them as closely as they apparently required,
And when he was told they weren't going to make it,
Didn't admit it and get anyone fired.

What made him think that Sebelius knew
Or could have been possibly expected to
Have even the teeniest, tiniest clue
That what she was told was remotely true
About what the Obamacare system could or couldn't do
On October 1st for you, you and you.

Did no one at all in the Federal Government
Have the kind of experience to help him avoid
The kind of debacle he's now going through?
How'd we spy on the Ruskies or get to the moon
If there was no United States expert he could have employed?

Bob Carlson

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