Promoting Pollution
(To a divers clientele)

Obama has apparently decided to sell
To what he assumed was his coal clientele.
One was an old hand looking for the best price.
Any others are simply attempts by him to be nice.

The fourth largest coal company in the U.S.
Was trying, as always, to get more coal for less,
Bidding at auctions where they're ths sole bidder,
But wait. The timing's not right, they must reconsider.

Will Obama wait, too, or look for a new buyer?
While the Earth's warming up, and getting hotter and drier?
Will his problem be Eskimos who don't turn down the heat?
Or with cannibals inadequately cooking their meat?

Who's never worried about Santa's Helpers?
As a child or with children? Don't they feel the cold?
What can be done other than changing the climate,
And the G.O.P.'s against that, at least so we're told.

Igloos at 82 take some getting used to.
Igloos at 82 melt pretty fast.
Eskimos very quickly discover that at 82
Igloos very quickly become igloos of the past.

Obama could sell coal stoves to Canadian Eskimos,
But he must be aware that the market won't last.
Though his Bureau of Land Management would have much less to lose
Than at auctions with one possible bidder who promptly passed.

Yet the question remains why's he selling the coal
To Santa's Helpers up near the North Pole?
If you're selling fossil fuels, why not sell oil
To cannibals accustomed to their food being brought to a boil?

Though they can eat them raw, cannibals prefer their G.O.P. cooked,
Which Obama to be nice has not overlooked.
And that's what his Keystone bitumen will allow him to do,
What other reason's he got for letting all that goo through?

And you conservationists thought idiots came mostly from red states?
Here's solid evidence that at least one came out of the blue.

Bob Carlson

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