Questions At The 'Top'
(Nerve gas or tar?)

How long till we know if Assad got the message?
How long till we know if Assad heeds the word?
How long for a decision on the KXL pipeline?
How long to decide to launch a second bird?

Who thought the Tea Party would be given a voice?
Who thought Rand Paul's ranting might alter POTUS's choice?
Will Cruz create the GOP version of Hell?
Will that be the McConnell and Boehner death-knell?

Who would ask Paul or Cruz for an opinion
On Bashar Assad or Barack's indecision?
Who would have guessed that a Syrian dictator,
Or Canadian tar, could trigger a constitutional revision?

"He isn't the Kaiser. He's a junior Assad?
He's surely no Hitler. Why did I shoot my wad?
How'd I get in this mess? How can this be?
I'm in a pickle. Ma, the cat's looking at me."

Bob Carlson

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