Republicans, Don't Get Sick
(And don't live past forty!)

What does it take to become a Republican?
The kind of a person who never gets sick?
Must you also agree to die in your twenties or thirties?
Or if you live longer and get sick, you won't linger,
    but will expire real quick?

Someone like me who has reached eighty-three
Has already blown his window of opportunity.
I've lost my chance to vote for a G.O.P. "fanatic" like Issa
Who could care less if I resemble that tower in Pisa.

That one leg has become shorter in my old age
Requiring remedial surgery is not his concern.
Nor that I have trouble walking with just one eight inch heel.
If I were a Republican, he's sure I would learn.

Irregardless I'll have to if his health plan takes effect,
Although he didn't have one the last time I checked.
Only a fanatical desire to cut Obama's to shreds
Just what you'd expect from a party of G.O.P. bubbleheads,

Copyright © 12/2/13
Bob Carlson

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